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Human Resources Services

Just Careers Recruitment are highly experienced in all areas of Human Resources (HR) and Human Resources Management. They are not only able to source you premium HR staff, but can fulfill the complete range of organisational human resource needs.

In the specialist field of Human Resources, Just Careers Recruitment excel at:

  • Human Resources Recruitment
  • Complete Range of HR Outsourcing Services
  • Employee Relations Management
  • Employee Contracts
  • Legal Representation Services


Human Resources Recruitment

If you are looking for expert Human Resources (HR) staff, be sure to work with someone who knows HR better than most. Just Careers Recruitment has an extensive database of specialist HR professionals and contacts to find that right person for your company.

Just Careers Recruitment have a complete understanding of the unique requirements of HR staff and how they need to dove-tail into each organisation. The specialist HR staff at Just Careers Recruitment will take the time to understand your unique environment before sourcing the right person to fit your company.

Remember that Just Careers Recruitment offers a unique three month guarantee for most permanent placements. Contact your HR consultant directly or fill in the enquiry form.


Just Careers Recruitment also recruit in all ancillary business areas such as:

  • Accounting, Finance and Administration
  • Customer Support & Services
  • Sales, Business Development, Marketing and Account Management
  • Senior and Executive Management


Outsourcing Services for Human Resources

There is a lot of effort required in maintaining legitimate, relevant and up-to-date HR policies for any business. Most businesses find the task of developing and implementing human resource related initiatives daunting because of the constantly changing intrinsic nature of HR business polices.

Just Careers Recruitment can help develop, implement or update your HR/business policy/procedure, systems or manuals to complement your business structure and industry while ensuring they conform with the current and required rules and legislations. Their professional HR staff can deliver a comprehensive service that embraces best practice systems and cost effective methods. Just Careers Recruitment will provide an effective outsourcing function which can assist you in any of the following disciplines:

  • Human Resource Policies and Procedures.
  • Performance Management Programs.
  • Training and development.
  • Induction Programs.
  • Human Resource Planning.
  • Staff Counselling.
  • Enterprise Bargaining.
  • Workplace diversity.
  • Employee Remuneration and Benefits.
  • Staff/Organizational Surveys.
  • Change Management.
  • Organisation restructure planning.
  • Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Payroll/Administration.
  • Outplacement services.
  • EEO initiatives.


Employee Relations Management

Issues or disputes often arise in the workplace. These are often attributed to a variety of workplace grievances or matters pertaining to the terms and conditions of employment. Just Careers Recruitment can provide you with the following range of effective Employee Relations Management services:

  • Dispute resolution assistance.
  • Telephone Advisory Service.
  • Termination Advice.
  • Employee performance management practices.
  • Workplace negotiation.
  • Grievance handling.

The experienced and professional HR and IR consultants at Just Careers Recruitment can assist you in your day-to-day or long-term employment relations issues. They are also able to provide Legal Representation and are dedicated to finding solutions in an expeditious and ethical manner at the workplace level.


Employee Contracts

When an employee performs work or provides a service for a wage, salary or commission, this employee relationship is typically governed by a set of legally enforceable agreements, either written or verbal, which are known as a contract of employment.

Just Careers Recruitment have extensive experience in all matters of employee management and employee contract development and negotiations. They are able to help in any of the following contract related areas:

  • Drafting and negotiating enterprise agreements.
  • Drafting and negotiating certified agreement.
  • Development of AWA’s and lodgement.
  • Development of common law contracts of employment.

The IR experts at Just Careers Recruitment can develop and implement an effective industrial policy to clearly stipulate the terms and conditions for the employer and employee. They will assist you in developing flexible practices and competitive pay structures to complement and enhance your productivity and output levels, as well reward and remunerate your staff accordingly.



Legal Representation Services

Just Careers Recruitment have dedicated consultants with extensive experience dealing in all facets of industrial dispute matters before the Australian Industrial Relations Commission and the NSW Industrial Relations Commission.
They can assist in all areas relating to industrial disputes including providing legal representation for such matters including:

  • Wage disputes and alleged underpayment of wages claims before the Chief Industrial Magistrate (CIM).
  • Unfair/unlawful dismissal claims before the relevant Industrial Relations Commission (IRC).
  • Unfair contracts before the IRC .
  • Victimisation claims before the IRC.
  • Industrial Disputes before the IRC.
  • Enterprise Bargaining before the IRC.
  • Discrimination before the Anti Discrimination Tribunal (ADT) or Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC).


For more information and to speak to a dedicated consultant
Please contact 1300 558 241 or submit an enquiry to our Just Careers Recruitment Mailbox.