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Hospitality & Retail

The hospitality and retail industries both require a high level of customer service and flexibility. Just Careers Recruitment understand the significant importance of presentation and communication skills in most roles in these highly customer oriented fields. These industries are often categorised by efficiency and timely service delivery or else business can be lost.

Often staff in the hospitality and retail sectors often need to adopt a flexible approach and work a variety of hours. Just Careers Recruitment understand the unique requirements of these two distinctive industries and will ensure that your future staff are not only capable, but able to fulfill the demands of your business.

If you need staff in hospitality & retail, then speak to the specialists at Just Careers Recruitment first. They’ll understand your specific hospitality & retail personnel requirements and give you the personalised “boutique” service needed to properly support your company.

Whether you’re an employer looking to fulfil a specialist role in your hospitality or retail organisation, or someone looking for a job in the hospitality / retail, speak to the experts at Just Careers Recruitment and receive the highest quality personalised service for both employers and job candidates while gaining access to a comprehensive list of hospitality & retail opportunities.
Our Just Careers Recruitment specialists recruit the following roles in hospitality:

  • Chefs & Cooks
  • Housekeepingstaff
  • Front Office& Administration
  • Catering
  • Wait Staff
  • Bar Staff
  • Event Staff
  • Front of House
  • Executive Managers(Venue, Duty, Assistant, Functions, Gaming)
  • Operations Management

Just Careers Recruitment will recruit the following range of positions in retail:

  • Retail & Counter Sales
  • Retail administration
  • Store Managers
  • Assistant Managers
  • Warehousing & Logistics
  • Transport Managers & Drivers

Just Careers Recruitment also recruit in the following ancillary areas to support both the hospitality and retail sectors:

  • Customer Support & Services
  • Finance, Accounting & Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Sales, Marketing and Account Management
  • Senior and Executive Management

Save time and effort by working with a recruitment company who knows hospitality & retail and who’ll take the time to understand the nuances of your company.

When you team with Just Careers Recruitment, you will automatically be linked into a national recruitment and human resources network. This gives you the best opportunity of finding the right person for your company, or if you’re an employee, that perfect job for your individual needs.

For more information and to speak to a dedicated consultant, please contact 1300 986 260 or submit an enquiry to our Just Careers Recruitment Mailbox.